A new beginning…


My blog up until now has been filled with posts about weight loss, negative past experiences as a result of being over weight and writing clouded by the mind-frame that we MUST be slim to be happy, accepted and successful. it has taken me32 years,  2 failed and potentially life threatening gastric bands and falling in love with myself to be o.k with my body the way it is.

It hasn’t been an easy journey and many of you can relate to what I write about. Sometimes I feel like I am feeding the negativity and discrimination by being so focused on body positivity or lack of BUT it is necessary for us to fight to bring such subjects into the forefront, to promote ourselves and our journey. If we are Plus-size, if we are LGBT, if we have a skin condition or a disability, if we in anyway feel marginalised, our voices maybe need to shout the loudest for a while until we feel equal, included and accepted.

My most recent blogs therefore are less concerned with my negative experiences from the past but more with the empowerment of underrepresented people, for those of us that feel swallowed up in a society that only promotes and includes a certain media ideal. I welcome any constructive criticism, dialogue or debate as I feel this promotes community and therefore a greater sense of inclusion. Please feel free to add me on Instagram, join my group on Facebook or comment on the blogs published here.

Sending peace and love to my fellow Warriors, activists and promoters of equality and inclusion and for those people who are maybe not clued up on the possibility of an equal world…take a read and join the party!


Plus-size Vintage Madame

x x

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