My forays into the world of Burlex!

Hello lovely Guys and Dolls! Hope you are all feeling the arrival of Summer and have pulled out your Vintage hot weather wardrobe!?
Last night I had the absolute pleasure in participating in my first Burlesque exercise class and I must say, what a revelation it was!
Firstly the setting for this foray into the world of burlesque was seemingly appropriate. An amazing building named Victoria Hall, built in 1886 for the sole purpose of holding dances. It is absolutely resplendent in its vintage charm of sprung wooden floors, gilded walls, a gorgeous stage and simply amazing high ceilings. I felt, even before beginning the actual class, that I was in for a real treat and I wasn’t wrong.

Secondly, the Burlesque instructor was simply darling. A gorgeous woman named Lindsey Pollard who instructed us with such grace, poise and of course that little sprinkle of sexy sassiness that Burlesque needs! Lindsey was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Being plus size, I have at times, felt a tad self-conscious about sweating and panting in a room full of toned ladies! However, I didn’t feel like this in the company of the other eight or so women (and my delicious friend Sarah) who were also present. They were lovely, down to earth ladies who were humorous and didn’t take themselves too seriously. I felt like I could shake my booty in front of them and not feel like a ridiculous elephant in gym gear! The routines were relatively hard, both in terms of the choreography but also the cardio/workout aspect. I definitely felt out of breath and challenged but also invigorated and capable of not looking too much of a tit!

What I found most enticing about the class was the fact that it didn’t feel like a chore as some (o.k, o.k most) exercise does to me.
It was immensely fun, funny and definitely made me use muscles I haven’t used in a long tim, if ever! in fact as I write this, my legs are still throbbing. A nice reminder of a job well done. The routines were fast paced and varied, using different props, such as hats, fans and the Burlesque staple, the feather boa.

My favourite routine and aslo the one I found most difficult was a routine using a chair. Dance moves were introduced, whereby you had to drape yourself seductively (or at least try to) over the chair and use it as a support during high kicks and shimmies. I felt akin to Caberet’s Sally Bowles during her introductory routine ‘Mein Herr.’ Well that’s who I was channelling anyway!

In addition I vastly enjoyed a routine which was choreagraphed to the Burlesque show-stopper ‘Hey Big Spender.’ I became fully immersed in attempting to roll my pelvis in such a manner that seemed, in some way attractive, whilst keeping in time with the music!
I think that is the crux of why, this class for me was such a success. It doesn’t actually feel like exercise, it feels like a bunch of good time gals, in a beautiful room, not caring about how they look to others but finding their inner, sexy Burlesque performer. I found mine and will certainly be attending next week.

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