Lack of motivation strikes again…

So I didn’t go to the Burlex class the week after, nor the week after that…. not this week either. My friend Sarah has been an absolute bloody trooper and has been every week. I don’t even have the excuse that my friend didn’t go so I didn’t want to either!

I genuinely loved the class, why then do I just NOT have that motivation to go back. Does any body else seem to have this problem?

How can I get over it?

My friend Sally today chucked my cake in the bin that I was going to scoff after sending my emails and what not. I’m sure a small tear escaped my eye as I watched her not just place it in the bin but stuff the chocolatey heaven into a paper cup, scrunch it up and then put it in the bin! I think she thought I would fish the cake out of the bin if it was in edible shape…which I probably would have done.

Perhaps I need to employ a Sally to come and live with me and prize the sweets and Swiss roll out of my hands at 3 in the morning! Does anyone else sleep eat? I know I’m not really asleep but I’m not completely mindful either. I sometimes wake up and the first thing I do is raid the fridge. I am not even hungry. I’m lonely I think, even though he is there beside me. But even with all his love he doesn’t fulfil that void like food, nothing does. So I get up and go to the constant love of my life, the fridge.

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