Musings on Lingerie.

Hands up who wears those humongous, hideous, pull in pants, that suck in your tummy and bum? Lots of us I would guess.

I love and hate them in equal measure. The ones that are like shorts seem to cut off the blood supply to my legs whilst the ones that are brief shaped don’t go up high enough so that my fat rolls over the top, eliminating the slimline, non-bumpy look that I long to achieve.

I am yet to try the body suit version that has a strange cut out so you can wear your own bra, but I have one hanging up in my dressing room ready to go! My friend Sarah at work raves about them.

I gave up thongs years ago, I know they are supposed to go in between your bum cheeks but mine just felt as if they were being eaten whole by a giant monster…not for me.

Lacy Brazilian ones I wore for a long time. I found that they fit nicely on the bum but we’re sagging or too big in the frontal area….nobody wants a saggy gusset!

Boy shorts are now my thing. I have really nerdy ones with Batman and Star Wars on and I love them. They are so liberating to wear…I guess that’s why they have the name ‘boy shorts’ Lets be frank, us women of the world know that being a male automatically makes life easier…even when it comes to knickers!


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