A small glimmer of gastric band hope…

So I have just been to see the gorgeous Dr Appleton again. He is the kindest most understanding bariatric/#weightloss surgery specialist I have ever met. He has this lovely twinkle in his eye and a most pleasing smile…think I might have a little crush on him actually…anyway I digress. He said that because I haven’t had much pain from my slipped band, no regurgitation of food and no problem with eating that the pain I have been getting is probably an ulcer or something unrelated.

He explained, in his smiley way, that My band may have gone back to its original position. This potentially means I could have some fluid put back in, my band would tighten and I can have restriction again….bring on the weight loss! He has booked me in for a barium swallow x-ray. For those of you that don’t have experience of a barium swallow…here is what happens. I, weirdly, found it quite a fun and interesting proceedure.

They get you to lie on a table like contraption that has a plinth for your feet and then all of a sudden they flip you up into the air so that you’re now vertical. They then get you to drink this liquid, which is basically like drinking watery chalk…yuck. They then x-ray your stomach and the journey of the chalky liquid. This then determines if your stomach and your gastric band is working properly and in the right position.

I am hoping that my band has somehow gone back to its original position, this will save so much time, heart ache, weight gain and ultimately surgery. However I tend to be a pessimist about things I really want. I find it makes me get hurt less. If you fear the worst, then anything better than that scenario is a bonus! Cross your fingers and toes for me guys!


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