Fat Shaming on the High Street.

A contentious issue this week has been the discussion of plus size clothing costing more than the same garments in smaller sizes.

I for one am absolutely disgusted by this, but it is something that I have dealt with for 20 years. What I find worse is that the media is only just picking up on the disparity now!

I think it is amazing that high street brands have begun to cater for the curvy market and this is wonderful and empowering. Gone are the day of a few shops where plus size women could buy clothes, which most of the time, stocked pretty dire, boring examples of fashion. We now get the opportunity to run with the rest of the pack in terms of up to date fashion pieces and exciting garments inspired by the current cat walks. But curvy women are still having to pay higher prices for a dress in say a size 24, than the exact same dress in a size 10.

There is the argument that plus size outfits require more fabric….yes that is obviously the case but is that not also the case for maternity wear? Is there a disparity in price there? I have also literally never seen a size 4 dress cost less than a size 12 dress, even though the size 12 garment requires more fabric.

What this feels like to me is that curvy women are being almost forced to slim down, pay more or simply wear rubbish clothes. It is as if the High Street stores are saying “you may dare to wear our slim style clothes, but big girl, you’re going to pay more for the privilege.”

I believe that it is almost a fat shaming tactic! That we, as plus size goddesses, should somehow feel inferior because of our sizes, we are being punished simply for being us.

Perhaps the thought is that if we have to pay more for clothes….we won’t have the money to spend on cake!!!

(P.S probably never going to stop budgeting for cake…no matter how skint I am)


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