Beyond the Curve. A Step Too Far?

I came home from my job at a Pupil Referall Unit, where today I had been inspired to write a new blog about how New British Grime music is influencing our young people in an outrages way by glorifying Gang culture and Gang violence. I then came home and scrolled through Instagram. I saw on The Curve Squad’ s Instagram that they have started to adopt some more ‘gang’ influenced styling in their new photographs. I don’t know if it was because of my experience at school today or something else but I looked at the photo posted above of a women covering her face in a balaclava or bandana with the tag line “she rep my gang” and just felt disappointed. I had felt really empowered by their previous work which has always been quite dark and mysterious and ‘street’ but this just felt a step too far. The impressionable youth of today are already bombarded with images, music and YouTubers that glorify and glamourise anything gang related, is this needed too?

Perhaps this was just seen as a harmless stylistic choice but to me it signifies more than that. It is declaring to people that to be fashion forward, embracing our curves or being body positive, we need to employ gang style tactics, perhaps even the need for violence. Maybe I am making too much of a big deal out of something as trivial as a bandana however I can see the far reaching repercussions that advertising such as this can have. I also can see the potential amazing progress and break through in the Curve movent that this group of models has already helped to inspire, I just feel this is unnecessary and non-chalant about an issue that is very much a worry in today’s Britain. With Gang violence, shootings and stabbings at an all time high, I wonder what repercussions even seemingly trivial photos like this could produce.


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