Tammy and Her Tummy

This is my tummy. The tummy that I once hated. The tummy that I subjected to two operations. The tummy that I butchered with 12 incisions.

I am not going to lie and say I love it BUT I am learning to embrace it for what it is. It is smaller than it used to be, it is covered with countless stretch marks and 12 nasty scars. It has lose skin hanging from it. It is not flat. BUT it is mine and each day I take inspiration from others and try to love it.

I try to love my whole body, each day at a time.

I wish I had started this loving yourself malarkey sooner, I truly think it would have saved a HELL of a lot of heart ache and possibly gastric surgery.

One Thing I truly think is special about social media is the Body Positive Movement, it is allowing it to garner support so that hopefully, future generations will love their bodies from birth.

Let’s learn to love ourselves….



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